Ennis Luxury RV Resort: Coming in January 2023
Reservations and Investment Opportunities Available Now

The RV industry is booming. 

Quarter after quarter, practically every RV manufacturer is continuing to report record numbers.

Dealers are struggling to satisfy this increased demand for RVs. RV wholesale shipments are projected to be 600,000 units by year-end 2022, according to quarterly forecast by ITR Economics.

These new RVs are being purchased as soon as or before they arrive at the dealers’ retail locations.  Here’s the problem and the opportunity: These new RV owners are looking for a place to park their new RV on weekends and extended trips.  However, RV manufactures can’t create RVs faster than RV park developers can create new RV parks.

It’s easy to understand the opportunity for RV park owners. The demand for RV parks has skyrocketed, but the supply has not kept pace.

Demand is so great that typically RVers need to make reservations six months in advance.  Typically, destinations will open reservations six months in advance of the current date.  However, the most popular tourists’ locations will open reservations 13 months in advance.  They will probably require a non-refundable deposit in advance.

Our own RV development, Ennis Luxury RV Resort has experienced that demand while still under construction.  Early a solar power installation company wanted twenty RV parking pads for two years. Recently one prospective renter got mad when our reservation system is not operational (yet.)  Another RVer wanted to be the first to make his reservation and he would give us a non-refundable deposit.

Reserve early to get a prime RV location.

What The RV Sales Backlog Means For Investors

Thor Industries and Winnebago Industries are overwhelmed with new RV orders.  

Winnebago, maker of 5 RV brands currently has a $4 billion order backlog. It reported a 2021 record revenue of $36 billion, a 54% increase over 2020.

Thor, the maker of 14 brands, currently has a $14 billion order backlog.  For fiscal 2021, it reported a recorded net sales of $12.3 billion.

So, why do investors care? 

If you own an RV, you know how challenging it to reserve an RV parking spot.  With record sales record order backlogs, the RV park developers, like us, have many years to catch up with the demand.

At the time of this writing, our current RV resort development, Ennis Luxury RV Resort, has renters who want to reserve a parking place.  This even though plan to open January 2023.  In fact, one RVer contacted us twice and said he wanted to be the “First RVer to reserve a parking place and he was willing to put down a deposit to guarantee his performance.”  

Several other RVers want to make reservations for next year.  So, as of this writing, getting the reservation system in place is top priority.


New Local RV Park Rent-up Comparisons

There are only two new RV parks in our north Texas market with a total of 60 parks in existence.  That’s a 3% growth rate in two years.  

Here’s how our competitions experience.
  1. Northside RV Resort, 20 minutes west of our location, rented from zero to full in four months. It has a concrete drive with few amenities.  The office is the size of a closet.  Besides a fishing pond no other amenities seem to be on site. 
  2.  Sugar Hill RV Resort, 1 hour 20 minutes north of us, rented fully in three months. Amenities include a gravel drive, a nice clubhouse, pool, dog park, laundry, meeting rooms, and fitness center. 


We will have all the amenities Sugar Hill RV Resort has, plus concrete driveways and parking pads.  Generally, concrete driveways and parking pads are required to be considered as luxury RV resort. 

If this intrigues you and you want to be one of  the first to review the next exciting RV resort, then contact us to be a first mover to see the development.

Many hours are being invested in getting ready for our Ennis Luxury RV Resort opening.

The most recent item was the proper layout of  our RV sites.
When our construction crew started laying out the site utilities, an important error was discovered.  On many pads, we had the utilities placed at the front door of the RVs.  No one wants to walk out of their RV in the morning  first see is the sewer.
This placement error was not apparent at first, because back in and pull through sites are often at opposite sides of the parking pad.  So, the construction team had to go through and examine each site and make sure utilities placement was correct.
Fortunately, our team is paying attention and caught this oversight before utilities were installed. If the concrete had been laid down, this error would have been expensive to fix.
Once this was corrected, our property management team, lead by Stephanie, went to work designing an illustration so that our RVers will be able to find their site when parking.
The attached illustration shows that each street is named after a multi-million-dollar subdivision.  In addition, each site has unique number.
The current plan is that the majority of RVers will be assisted by staff if backing into their luxury site.
That leads me to next weeks topic, "Workampers."  Many people will work a few hours each week for a reduction in their park rent.
We have two RVers who have already expressed an interest in being a Workamper for us.

 Ennis Luxury Rv Resort Fire Hydrant Dirt Work and Installation

These photos show the fire hydrant dirt work and installation. The third photo shows where the fire hydrant tree will be installed when it arrives.

This is an important next step because before we can start building the office and clubhouse, the fire department requires we are close to a fire hydrant.  And arguing with the fire department is a waste of time.

 Ennis Luxury Rv Resort Concrete Pads for Office & Clubhouse

The following two photos shows the concrete pads for the office and clubhouse with the utilities coming out of the pads.  The concrete will change color once it cures in a couple weeks.

 The next step will be to complete the driveway past the office and clubhouse as required by the fire department.  Once the driveway is installed, then the construction of the office and clubhouse can start.  
We are expecting to start construction before the end of June. The office important to us because that will draw even more pre-leasing activity than we have experienced to-date.

Great Attractions Bring RVers to Ennis, Texas

Ennis, Texas offers many great attractions that bring RVers to the area, including the annual Ennis, Texas Blue Bonnet Fesival which takes place for 4 weeks out of the year, and Hamilton Pool.

How Investors Benefit From Buc-Ee’s Impact On Ennis Luxury RV Resort


This video was shot on July 4, 2022, to show the powerful impact Buc-Ee's will have on our project. With up 55,000 to 65,000 vehicles per week stopping 1,100 feet to our south, they will bring us a large number of RVs who will need a place to park.

Along with the 32 citywide events in Ennis each year, we are considering raising our rents from our pro-forma once the property is full. Another city official suggested our rates are too low. We will soon see.